About Lemington Consulting

Lemington Consulting is an international information technology (I.T.) consulting company specializing in the design and development of quality, innovative information technology solutions for dynamic businesses, non-profit, and government organizations. With over thirty-five years of professional experience in the all areas of information technology, Lemington brings a high level of expertise to your information technology assets.

Our solutions help your organization to facilitate growth, compete more effectively, reduce costs, and work more efficiently. Now, with regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Fairfax, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, Lemington continues to expand it presence to better serve its domestic and international customer base.

Continuing our in our tradition of being an award winning I.T. company, in April, 2024, Lemington Consulting was honor as the Most Innovative Managed Services and I.T. Consulting Company by EMI Publishing Group. Once again, Lemington Consulting has received international recognition for quality, innovative managed services and I.T. consulting.

In October, 2023, Lemington Consulting was recognized as the Best Full-Service I.T. Solutions Company for 2023 by New World Report. Lemington Consulting is honored to be recognized for the quality and breadth of its I.T. solutions, and as a recognized leader in the Managed Services and I.T. Consulting industry.

In June, 2023, Lemington Consulting extended its long list of industry awards by being recognized as the Best I.T. Consultancy for the state of Florida by the Southern States Business Awards.

In October, 2022, Lemington Consulting was named I.T. Consulting Enterprise of the Year for the Southeastern United States by New World Report. This award demonstrates Lemington's expanded geographic reach and commitment to its customers and other stakeholders.

In 2021, Lemington Consulting was recognized as Best Enterprise Software Consulting Company (USA) by Corporate Vision. This award continues Lemington Consulting's long list of recognitions as an award-winning, best-in-class I.T. solution provider.

In May, 2019, Acquisition International named Lemington the Most Innovative Corporate Computer Solutions Provider and Florida's best I.T. Consultancy. This recognition confirms Lemington's long-time commitment to providing innovative I.T. solutions for our clients across the United States, and internationally. Lemington is proud to receive this international recognition from industry peers of its leadership in providing quality, innovative I.T. Solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide. Lemington's innovative culture breeds unique and valuable solutions which improves our clients' organizations, creating value, efficiencies, and greater security.

In March, 2014, Lemington Consulting was recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Consulting Companies in the United States by CIO Review magazine. Lemington's innovative I.T. solutions, its commitment to quality in all aspects of its business, and its strong customer focus all played a significant role in helping Lemington achieve this significant industry recognition.

Lemington Consulting understands that technology is not an end in itself for most organizations, and therefore, we seek to design information technology solutions that incorporate an organization’s strategic and business objectives. We build long-term relationships with our clients, engaging each client at a higher level than would be possible otherwise. We back this client-centric focus with outstanding customer service and support, as well as a relentless commitment to quality in all aspects of our business.

Lemington Consulting Award from Corporate Vision

Lemington Consulting implements a full range of information technology solutions including managed services, server and mobile device adminstration, network design, security assessments, custom developed Windows and web solutions, enhancement of existing software applications, software application integration, database management systems, business intelligence, and server, network, and security infrastructure. Functionally, we focus on CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office solutions development, project management, and accounting solutions. We employ highly experienced, certified professionals and utilize best-in-class tools to implement the highest quality information technology solutions.

Lemington Consulting Award from Acquisition International

Lemington Consulting serves a diverse client base across all sectors of the economy including private industry, non-profit, and government organizations. Our clients come from diverse industry backgrounds including financial services, telecommunications, media, construction, hospitality, professional services, consumer products, industrial, and health care. We serve businesses of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to medium and small businesses. Lemington Consulting’s clients share a common desire to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve customer service, improve workforce collaboration, and increase resource utilization.

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Lemington Consulting Award from CIO Review Magazine