Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

In today's complex I.T. environment, information security and compliance are increasingly important in protecting your organization from external security threats. In addition, regulatory compliance requirements necessitate the need for advanced security to protect customer and other information from external threats. This is where Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance features can benefit your organization by provided advanced, A.I. driven protection at an affordable cost.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance provides a suite of services geared toward protecting your organization from external threats and helping your organization meet strict regulatory compliance requirements with minimal cost and overhead. From Active Directory Identity Governamce to Microsoft 365 Advanced Email Message Encryption, Microsoft 365's suite of security and compliance tools give you the added piece of mind that your organization is protected and meeting regulatory compliance requirements at the same time.

Leverage Microsoft Defender for Business available with a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license to protect your organizations endpoints. Utilize Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to protect your cloud computing applications and assets. Microsoft Defender for Identity protects your organizations hybrid cloud environment from cyber attacks and external and internal threats.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Secure your entire I.T. environment from internal endpoints, to hybrid cloud scenarios to cloud applications.
  • Leverage advanced email messaging encryption to secure sensitive information both internall and externally across your entire organization.
  • Use Microsoft Purview Customer Lockbox to control external third-party access to sensitive information and provide explicit approval for access to information.
  • Microsoft Purview Information Barriers allow organizations to create policies to restrict certain groups of users from communicating with one another to ensure protection of information and remove conflicts of interest.

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