Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation, Customizations, and Support

Lemington Consulting designs, develops and customizes successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM , Salesforce and other CRM software packages for clients across the United States and internationally. Lemington Consulting, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with extensive expertise in developing CRM soltuions, has the systems architecture experience to help your organization implement a new CRM solution, migrate from an existing CRM application, as well as customize and integrate your CRM software to meet your business objectives.

CRM solutions can help your organization by better managing sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Sales operations can more efficiently manage leads and opportunities and provide tracking of all sales contacts including email, phone calls, and meetings. Marketing can be improved through better market segmentation as well as improved planning, execution, and tracking of marketing campaigns. Benefits in customer service can be realized through better call and case tracking, centralized management of product knowledge, and more optimal service scheduling.

Choose between an onpremise deployment or host your Dynamics 365 CRM application in the cloud and avoid the day to day management of the CRM and database server. Leverage Active Directory Federation Services to bring your entire organization in multiple locations under the same secure single sign solution for all employees. Unleash the power customizations to create a CRM system that directly matches your organizations business and workflow, thus increasing organizational productivity and collaboration.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM subscriptions and support provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Dynamics 365 CRM tailors to match your company‚Äôs existing business processes and culture, rather than force you to mold your business to the software.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is designed to be a natural extension of Microsoft Office and Outlook, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that fosters higher user adoption and productivity.
  • By working and integrating with the Office applications people use every day, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables users to get up to speed quicker and keeps training costs low.
  • With advanced business process and workflow automation, Dynamics 365 CRM reduces redundancy of tasks and processes. This allows users to spend more time on their job.
  • With Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile Express, users can have all the functionality of CRM virtually anytime, anywhere. Your teams stay connected to the tools and information they need and support their customers wherever they are.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM provides powerful tracking and analytic tools that help you monitor your business and make better decisions more quickly.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM is priced competitively and easy to deploy and maintain, keeping future technology costs low.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing, implementation, customizations, and support please contact us.